Cultural Tour in Bhutan

Cultural tour in Bhutan

Western Bhutan Tour

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is fast emerging from centuries of self imposed isolation, and it is perhaps the world's most exclusive tourist destination. The present Bhutanese king opened the


Bumtang Central Bhutan

In addition to paces of interest in Paro, Thimpu and Punkha, another fascinating destination is the sacred valley of Bumtang. The picturesque drive to Bumtang takes you through regions profuse in flora and fauna, several magnificent mountain passes and places of great historic sights and ancient palaces


West - East Traverse Tour

This tour takes you right across the country along the lateral highway and gives you glimpse of ethnic groups of drukpas different in their dialects and customs. It offers you maximum coverage of the country.


Day Walking Tour

Guided by day-walk includes 5/6 hours walk a day with packed lunch and return to hotel for overnight. It gives an opportunity to visit and view local villages and have direct contact with local people also ample time to take photographs. Hot lunch and tea in local farm houses will be arranged. Occasionally it will


Bicycle Tour

Bhutan's mountainous terrain's offer a fascinating adventure for bicycling enthusiast. The route along Bhutan's West-East Highways (appx. 600kms) is an exciting route with challenges of surmounting a new pass over 3000 m. every day. The highways winding up an shown mountains with drops of thousand