Parchamo Peak (6,187m/20,293ft.) Climbing and Mountaineering

Parchamo Peak Climbing

Area: Tesi Lapcha Pass in the Rolwaling Himal.

The peak, which lies due south of the Tesi Lapcha, is unnamed on the Schneider Rolwaling Himal map, but is given a spot height of 6,273 metres (20,581ft). The Mandala Lamasangu to Everest map calls the peak Parchoma, which is quite possibly a spelling mistake. Both Shipton's and Gregory's expedition surveys gave the peak an altitude close to 6,318 metres (20,700ft).

Seen from the pass the mountain is an attractive but straightforward snow peak with a well defined north by north west ridge rising from the relatively flat, crevassed glacier astride the Tesi Lapcha. To the west of the ridge the face forms a uniform snow slope broken by crevasses and small seracs rising from the rocky lower buttresses above the Drolambau Glacier.

Parchamo peak has become a derigueur climb for trekkers crossing the high Tasi Lapcha (5,755m/18,875ft) to Namche Bazaar in the Everest area. The peak can be combined with the more demanding Ramdung Go peak combined with the trek over the Tesi Lapcha in about 25 days or so.

Itinerary In Detail

  • Days 1 Drive Kathamndu to Charikot.
  • Days 2-10 Trek to upper Rolwaling Valley.
  • Days 11-12 Tsho Rolpa and Tesi Lapcha pass.
  • Days 13-14 Climb Parchamo peak.
  • Days 15-16 Cross Tesi Lapcha pass.
  • Days 17-18 Trek to Namche Bazaar
  • Days 19-20 Trek to Lukla. Fly to Kathmandu.
  • Days 19-23 Trek to Everest Base Camp
  • Days 24-28 Return trek to Lukla and fly to Kathmandu.
  • We can customize this trek according to your travel needs.

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