Nepal Wildlife tours

Nepal Wildlife Tours

This is also a unique gift of Nepal to the world as far as pioneering of this extraordinary product is concerned in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Nepal is abundantly rich in wildlife and natural habitats, and these are preserved and protected National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries and Game Reserves. Royal Chitwan National Park is the most popular among the protected natural reserves of Nepal. Other National Parks and Reserves that are worth visiting are Koshi Tappu, Royal Bardia and Royal Sukla Phanta, Koshi Tappu is literally, a bird's paradise. Parsa Wildlife Reserve is famous for its herds of wild elephants.

Royal Chitwan National Park

Chitwan, to reiterate, comes from the full name Chituwa Ban, meaning "Leopard Forest". It is also believed to have originated from Chitta Ban, or "Heart or deep of the jungle". Another legend has it that the name of this tropical valley comes from Sita Ban, meaning "Sita's forest". Sita was the consort of


Royal Bardia National Park

The Royal Bardia National Park was established in 1988, and covers an area of 968 sq. km. It is located in the mid-far western Terai, to the east of the Karnali River. It is the largest park in the Terai


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

This reserve was established in 1976. Its area is 1756 sq. km. This reserve lies in the flood plains of the Sapta-Koshi in the mid-east Nepal, and is a favorite spot for bird enthusiasts. The reserve's vegetation includes spreads of tall grass and patches of sisoo forest. The last surviving herd of wild buffaloes in


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