Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Biking through the rural villages at the valley rim on the back trails with some ups and down hill tracks, these day biking trips gives you sufficient time to immerse in its peaceful surrounding environment and make friends with the locals.

Our varied day biking trips within Kathmandu Valley allows you to enjoy its hidden pockets rarely frequented by westerners thus giving you a chance to see the other back side of Kathmandu.Our other biking trips includes City Tour with a difference biking to the famed popular historical and medieval places of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan, viewpoint of Nagarkot and Kakani, the quiet sleepy town of Sankhu and Budhanilkantha. a: Back Trails of Kathmandu (A day tour on the back road visiting rural areas Kathmandu-Bungmati - Chapagaon - Kathmandu)

1. City Tours

(A tour with a difference visiting medieval city of Bhaktapur & Patan and its Durbar Square in and off the road bike ride)

2. The Big Descent

( includes drive to the renowned mountain view point at Nagarkot 2,175 meter, from here we bike downhill passing through the sleepy town of Sankhu before riding back to Kathmandu)

3. Kakani to Kathmandu :

From here we bike downhill passing through the holy place of Budhanilkantha in the northern rim of Kathmandu Valley before riding back to Kathmandu) Our wonderful five days ride concludes with a down hill delight from the panoramic mountain resorts at Nagarkot to Kathmandu.

4. Pokhara-Kathmandu Biking Tour

his tour joins the second largest city Pokhara with the capital city cathmandu by 200 KM long Prithvi highway. However, you have options to ride off roads, through the hill trails crossing divverent ancient villages and friend people. Pokhara


5. Annapurna Circuit Biking Tours

Annapurna circuit biking may be the best suitable for you because thia combines both trekking and biking. This rout offers you the best of Annapurna,


6. Nagarkot Biking Tour

This tour is for the intermediate level cyclist willing to spend short time.This trip takes you through the small villages around the valley, Shivapuri National Park and the mountain resort of Nagarkot from where you get fantastic panoramic views of the silver mountains.


7. Day Trip and Downhill Biking Tours

There are varieties of excellent day trips in the Kathmandu valley that fit to everyone with different interests and abilities collecting vibrant experiences of nature and cultures. These tours take you to explore the ancient rural villages, which are actually the shadows


8. In and Around the Kathmandu Valley

These tours take you around the rim of the Kathmandu valley. Riding through all the high points for spectacular mountains.


9. Valley Rim Long Biking Tour

Either you go for inner city heritage tour or go around the rim of Kathmandu Valley. Historic features that are teeming with culture, God's exotic and erotic architecture,


10. Valley Rim Short Biking Tour

These tours also take you around the rim of the Kathmandu valley. Spectacular views of the himalayas to the north and collective, skyview of the cyity downwards in the valley,