Tibet Information


Ancient cosmography identifies Kailash with the mighty Sumeru, the central peak of the world. To Buddhists, the "the father mountain" represent the means to enlightenment; Lake Mansarovar, the "mother principle", represents transcendental consciousness. Hindus consider Kailash to be the throne of Lord Shiva, one of the three principle gods of the Hindu pantheon, whose long, matted hair forms the holy Ganges River.As a Bon center, Kailash enjoys great popularity in the folk religion of Tibet - it is the soul of the country and assures protection for all Tibetans.

It is for these reasons that few foreigners travel to this remote western corner of Tibet. For most who do, there is only one destination in mind - Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. From time immemorial this area has been sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and the followers of Bon, Tibet's indigenous religion. Even today, pilgrims from all over the Himalayan region travels to Kailash to perform the arduous parikrama or kora ( circumambulating of the mountain ).

scenically, the area is outstanding. At 6,714 meters (22,022 ft.), Kailash is a glittering snow dome towering above the Tibetan Plateau like a beckoning jewel, visible from miles away and the Circule is total 53 Km only 10 Km is covered by road, the rest is trekking. Manasarovar is famous as one of the highest lakes in the world. Four of the greatest rivers of South Asia - the Indus, Sutlej, Karnali and the Brahmaputra ( The yarlung Zangpo in Tibet ) - originate from aroung Mount Kailash.

Despite years of social and political upheaval, Tibet's grandeur, magic and mystery still remain undiminished-truly an adventurer's paradise. Tibet's breathtaking Himalayan range rising from the Tibetan Plateau; holy Mount Kailash; the ruins of "lost cities" Tsaprang and Tholing; and Lake Manasarovar, one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world, are but a few places to which Mother-Land Trek can escort you, eithere by road or by air.

Useful information for Travelling to Tibet

Tibet remains one of the most interesting, remote and undeveloped part of the world, situated at an average elevation of 5000 (16,000ft) above seal level. Its facilities for tourists are only now approaching a reasonable standard. Visitors should also understand before taking this trip that Tibet was only opened to tourism 19 years ago. The infrastructure of the tourist industry is still very basic in this remote country. Please do not expect the standards you are accustomed to the West. However, every effort will be made under the circumstance to ensure a smooth and pleasant trip.

Clothing Accessories :

Sleeping bags (Down with inside extra cover), rain and water proof jacket (Down) Fleece, trouser, woolen and sun hat, scarves, woolen or cotton socks, gloves, trekking boots, sun snow glasses, towel, t-shirts, sunscreen lotion, flash light with extra bulbs and batteries, sandals, water bottles, day pack ( for your day time necessary ), Kit or duffel bag ( to keep your personal belongings ) First Aid box / personal medicine, Toilet and tissue papers and walking Sticks.

Be sure you have the needy items: Warm clothes, water bottle, water purification tabs, sun tan lotion, dust masks, utility knife, medicine for headaches, fever, colds, stomach disorders and diamox ( unless you are allergic to sulpha drugs ) for altitude sickness, It is also good to carry dry fruits, juice powder, cookies, candy, canned or packed food, nuts, and biscuits.

Custom :

There is no prohibition on still and video camera, tape recorders as long as they've registered with a custom official, printed matters considered unsuitable by the Chinese government are prohibited. Customs regulations forbid the export of art objects created prior to 1959 or souvenirs in amounts demand to be excessive.

Food & Drinks :

Tibet has only a handful of towers and Tibetan Cuisine is not exactly the most varied in the world. It is handy to carry, anything than can be brewed with hot, water instant coffee, drinking chocolate, tea (bags), soup cubes, powered milk, other food items worth considering are instant noodles, vegemite, nuts and raisins, chocolate, dry foods and biscuit.

Business Hours :

Govrnment offices are usually closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Currency :

Renmbi, the people's money used by millions of Chinese everyday, circulates in notes of 1,2,5,10 and 50, 100 yuan, 1,2,5 jiao; There are also coins for 1,2 and 5 fen. With the Chinese currency Renminbi, one yuan is divided into 10 jiao, into 10 fen (US1 1= 8 yuan).

Airport :

Lhasa Gonggar airport is approx 96 kms away from Lhasa.

Airport Tax :

The airport departure tax at present is US$ 12.00 per person.

Air Ticket Reconfirmation :

Your guide will reconfirm the air ticket upon payment of RMB 30, which is a reconfirmation fee charged by China Southwest Airlines.

Cancelation Policy :

A cancellation charge of 50% for reconfirmed booking up to seven days before departure to Tibet will be charged after which No refund will be entertained. Further under no circumstances will there be a refund on No show ups and delay in arrivals

Airport Tax :

The airport departure tax at present is US1 12.00 per person.

Health & Altitude Problems :

Traveling in Tibet involves high altitude and can be strenuous. Clients with heart and lung problems or blood diseases should consult their doctor before booking the trip. Very rare cases of altitude sickness have been reported. Simple headache, fever, loss of appetite and stomach disorders can happen before the acclimatization. Advised, drink approx 3 liters of water per day, do not strain yourself, move slowly, breathe deeply and take regular rests. Please do not smoke & do not drink alcohol.

Good Health :

Though participants do not need to submit any health certificate it is asked to consult your physician before deciding to undertake the trip particularly cardiac and respiratory. It is rigorous and challenging trip where all the time should be spent at high altitudes. At least 2 months of regular practice is recommended. 2 hours per day of running, swimming, or joining on a health club may help to complete the Yatra (Tour) successfully.